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  • The BEAM has Spoiled Me

    I’ve noticed changes in how I prefer to develop software since I’ve been focusing my career on Elixir. It allows me to think bigger thoughts and to develop with lower friction and less fear. I don’t want to go back.

  • Why Hot Deploys are Cool

    I’ve become an unintentional nonconformist in the Elixir community because I LOVE hot deploys. I try to keep newcomers’ minds open to the possibility in light of all the others telling them hot deploys are worthless, but it’s tiring and I’m outnumbered, so I wrote a blog.

  • Libraries, Patterns, and Puppies

    I’ve published an Elixir github repository called Quest that I’m not certain what to do with. Primarily I think of it as a pattern, not a library, though it could probably be developed into a library. My thoughts lately have made me more wary of libraries than I used to be.

  • Hello

    I had a blog many years ago as a young Java programmer, but let the domain lapse. Time to start over.